Victoria spa and pool fence compliance guide – top things you need to know

October 12, 2020by [email protected]0

It has now been almost a year since pool fence legislation changed and the deadline is creeping up quickly to ensure your pool or spa is compliant and registered with your local council. Now is the time to make sure your pool or spa is summer-ready and ensure your pool and fence are safe and secure for your friends and family. If you are unsure about what you need to know, here is a quick rundown of Victoria spa and pool fence compliance guide – top things you need to know.

Is my pool fence sufficient?

If I don’t let anyone else use my pool, do I still need to fence it? 

The answer here is a strong yes, you do need to fence your pool or spa still. Your property fence is not a substitute for an installed pool fence. Your property boundary fence can form part of your pool fence, however, cannot form all the fence. If your property fence forms part of your pool fence, it is your responsibility to ensure it is well maintained and secure.

Those who own a pool that is not adequately fenced are liable for large fines. Do not risk your safety or the safety of your friends and family. 

Getting your pool summer-ready 

With your pool or spa compliant and registered, you are ready to enjoy your pool or spa this summer. Why not set your reminder in your calendar now to have your next compliance certificate inspection and get a jump start on many summers of frolicking fun around the pool.
If you are still unsure about the requirements for fencing your pool or spa, contact your local council or the Victorian Building Authority, by visiting their website –


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