Do I need a pool fence around my spa?

October 12, 2020by [email protected]0

The short answer is ‘Yes’, you do need a pool fence around your spa. But let’s dive deeper into the reasons why.

Three pieces of legislation regulate pool and spa fencing: Building Act 1993, Building Regulations 2018, and most recently, Building Amendment (Swimming Pool and Spa) Regulations 2019.

In accordance with legislative amendments passed on 1st December 2019, all pools and spas need to be registered with the local council before the 1st November 2020. To complete the registration, fencing, pools and spas must pass a safety inspection. For more information regarding registering your pool or spa go to our about us page. There is a logo of your local council with a direct link to the registration page. 

In the last 20 years, there have been 27 pool-related fatalities, resulting in death. Correct fencing around pools could have prevented twenty of these incidents.

Although there is a general rule that pools and spas deeper than 30cm must be fenced, standards for fencing are based on when the pool or spa was constructed.

When considering fencing standards for your spa, consider the age of the spa and to which standard your fencing needs to comply. The three date ranges are:

  • Before 8th April 1991
  • Between 8th April 1991 – 30th April 2010, and;
  • After 30th April 2010

If you are unsure about the build date of your pool when you register your local council will search their records to find this information for you. You will most likely incur a search fee from your council, which will not likely exceed $47.24*. 

So, the answer to the question, ‘do I need a pool fence around my spa?’ Is a little more in-depth than a simple one-word answer. 

Since 1st November is coming around quickly, what do you need to do to ensure that your spa is fenced and ready to use come summer?

In the process of registering your pool or spa with your local council, certain safety checks will need to be carried out before registration is complete. A pool safety inspector does the final safety check; however, before you book in your inspection, you can do a quick check yourself. Here are three main areas to consider when doing a self-assessment:


1) Fencing and gate requirements

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