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We're a spa and pool inspection company! Your safety is our priority. The Pool Barrier Services team have ensured that all of our protocol is in line with Local & State Government spa & pool fencing regulations. With the help of our pool safety consultant, all you need to worry about is how warm the pool is!

Our spa & pool safety consultation team are offering a pre-compliance pool fencing regulations consultation service so you. The owner will save costly re-inspections and unnecessary upgrading by tradespeople to your pool or spa fencing which may not be required. You'll get expert spa & pool fencing regulations advice necessary to ensure your pool or spa is up to the compliance level prior to engaging the registered pool safety inspector or building surveyor to conduct the compliance certificate.

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pool inspections
pool inspections

We are a Swimming & Pool Spa Pre-Compliance inspection company dedicated to assisting the owners of pools and spas.

Pool Barrier Services Pty Ltd is actively involved in assisting owner and related parties in the preparation and compliance of swimming pools and spas in Victorian in accordance with the new Building Amendment (Swimming Pool and Spa) Regulations 2019 which was gazetted in the Victorian Parliament for commencement on 1st December 2019.
The legislation is now in force, our experience is, that very few members of the public, pool service organisations and Real Estate Agents are aware of the implications of this new act of parliament and the process to ensure that they are compliant moving forward.
Although this is a very new legislation for Victoria it is set with considerable timelines that need to be addressed by all pool owners.
Note large number of the pools and spas require compliance by 1st November 2021 which only about 18 months from now.
We recommend you take action as soon as possible.

The need for a safe, secure spa & pool safety barrier between your family & the water Is absolutely imperative. Having seen a large number of spa & pool fencing that could cause more harm than good, the need for regular safety checks on barriers has never been so important.

It is easy to lose sight of little ones, or big ones sometimes! So by having a barrier that is registered as compliant with local council policy, you can relax in the knowledge that they will have a very tough time getting into potential danger in the water.

See your Council or Shire spa & swimming pools register

All swimming pools and spas must have a safety barrier or approved fencing to restrict access to the poolside area by children. Properties with a swimming pool or spa have a legal obligation to ensure that they maintain swimming pool and spa safety barriers to reduce the risk of unsupervised children gaining access. Residents must also ensure these barriers are always closed except when entering the pool or spa.

These legal obligations apply to all swimming pools and spas in Victoria.

You can register your swimming pool or spa with the Council via the applicable council's website in most cases.

From there properties with a swimming pool or spa have a legal obligation to ensure pools or spas are regularly inspected to comply with safety regulations

Metropolitan Area Councils & Shires

Regional Area Councils & Shires


Here is some useful information for you to be aware of.

You can initially conduct a self assessment of your pool barrier prior to our Pre- Inspector coming to conduct the initial Inspection.

This helps you identify potential defects that could require rectification once this pre - inspection has taken place.

It will allow you time to engage a qualified tradesperson to assess and remedy any potential deficiencies ensuring a smooth compliance inspection.

Once you have identified the date that your pool was constructed choose the relevant self assessment list by downloading.

Self assessment of pools constructed prior to 1994

Contact us on 0417344074 or

For pools and spas constructed between 1 July 1994 and 1 May 2010

We can help with qualified tradespeople.

For pools and spas constructed from
1 May 2010

Call us to confirm the process.
0417 344 074