Pool Barrier Compliance – Common mistakes that cost money.

The new Victorian State Government pool and spa barrier legislation has some serious pit falls before the pool or spa owner will get it right.

We are discovering less than 1% of current pool barriers are ready for a compliance inspection and very few spas have an existing barrier or actually have been registered.

Facts and pitfalls

  1. If you haven’t registered do it now as a fine of minimum of $365 will apply if it is left much longer. Registration is mandatory and was due on 1st November 2020. Due to COVID19 the councils are currently being lenient but this will not last as this is a revenue stream for cash strapped Councils which will be tapped into soon.
  2. Do you know? If the barrier fails a Compliance inspection the inspector is obliged under the Victorian Building Act to issue an Improvement Notice or a Form 24 NON Compliance Notice. This triggers three scenarios that cost the owner. The notice will only allow from 7 to 60 days for rectification of the breaches. If not rectified in time the Council must act and the first fine $365 will ensue. Any additional inspections will incur an additional feee.

We recommend a Pre-Compliance Consultation to ensure that you have the maximum time to prepare your barrier prior to the final Compliance Inspection.

Our service includes no limit on the number of visits by our Pre-Compliance Consultants and the licensed Swimming Pool and Spa Barrier Inspector if for some unforeseen reason the upgrades (if any) had not been repaired to the satisfaction of the Inspector
OUR GUARANTEE: If we conduct a Pre-Compliance Consultation and the owners take our advice on rectification works we will guarantee that if the Swimming Pool and Spa Inspector conducts a Compliance Inspection and it fails we will pay for any revisits required to get the barrier compliant. We also GUARANTEE that if we conduct a Pre-Compliance Consultation on a pool or spa constructed between 1950 and 2010 and the barrier system is fully compliant we will refund the Pre-Compliance Consultation fee.
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