Maintaining your pool area, pool deck, barriers and everything else

Owning a pool is a multifaceted responsibility; from adhering to safety laws to keeping it in top condition, maintaining your pool area, pool deck, barriers, and everything else is the best way to optimise safety for your family and longevity for your pool space.

Maintenance extends beyond simply keeping your pool water clean and balanced with minimal hazards in the area. A complete picture of care includes:

  • maintaining a safe pool barrier and gate – without obstructions or damage – that is in good working condition
  • keeping your pool decking clean and safe
  • pool ladders, stairs and accessories – such as slides and diving boards – in a safe condition
  • Looking after pool toys and furniture, so they do not become brittle and hazardous

Staying on top of maintenance will help you avoid excessive damage and potential hazards around your pool.

Let’s dive into the best ways you can keep your pool and its surroundings in tip-top condition year-round.

The pool barrier and gate

It may come as a surprise, but pool ladders, steps, and other accessories still need maintenance, no matter how well-built and sturdy they are. We advise inspecting these every year to ensure their safe functionality.

Pool ladders and dive boards

Check the ladder and its mounting for damage. It’s a good idea to give it a decent clean every now and then as well. You can remove the ladder and take it to a space where you can scrub it down and check for any rust or damage. Removing the ladder will also allow you to inspect the mount for any damage that requires repair. Repeat this process with your dive board.

Slides and accessories

When it comes to pool slides and other accessories, it is a good idea to completely disassemble them at the beginning of every pool season and inspect them thoroughly. 

You want to ensure there are no brittle, damaged or excessively worn areas that may require repair or replacement – this includes bolts & mounts that keep the slides and accessories sturdy.

Pool covers

It is important to keep pool covers clean and free from scummy build-up like algae. You can do this by scrubbing the pool cover with a brush or cloth alongside a soap solution. However, be mindful not to get the soap solution into your pool, or it could throw off the balance of the chemicals in your pool water. You can remove the cover and clean it away from the pool or wipe the surface down as you wind it in. 

Pool decking

Cleaning and maintaining the deck can feel like a daunting task. However, you can stay on top of things with regular cleaning and repairs. 

  • You can clean your deck area with a homemade water and detergent solution, or you can buy detergents and cleaners from hardware shops and pool stores. 
  • It’s easy to clean your deck area with a brush or use a high-pressure cleaner if you have one. The trick is to apply the cleaning solution first and allow it to sit for a few minutes while it works through the dirt and scum. Then you can come in with your high-pressure cleaner or brush and give it a good scrub.
  • Rinse thoroughly without allowing the solution to run off into your pool water. 
  • Once your decking area is dry, you can sand it to smooth out any damage and remove any stubborn dirt or algae. 
  • When your decking area is completely dry and clean, it is a good idea to re-seal the area with some decking seal.

Pool toys and furniture

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