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October 4, 2020by [email protected]0

Swimming pool registration Victoria: Deadlines loom for safety fence compliance

With summer fast approaching pool owners are warned to ensure their little piece of paradise is registered by November 1. But there are fears more than a third of the state’s pool fences are not safe.

Victorian lives could be in danger with families likely to be stuck at home spending time near the pool this summer, a building expert has warned.

Under strict new legislation all pools and spas must to be registered with the council that they are in by November 1 2020.

As the deadline to register backyard pools and spas with local councils looms, it has been revealed there are only a limited amount of qualified inspectors with specific pool fence safety qualifications.

Building Surveyors have the qualifications to conduct pool fence inspections – but it was not their preferred function and they are busy working on housing lots at a much more profitable income rate.

The VBA has a been formulating a Pool and Spa Barrier Safety Inspector course which was originally scheduled to begin by February 2021 but has been delayed and is now muted for around Xmas 2020 or early 2021.

The resources required for the owners of pool and spa to become compliant is going to be stretched as the deadline of 1st November 2021 for the pools built before 1994 and spas and pool barriers without a permit comes closer

Pools built on or before June 30, 1994 must be compliant by 2021, those built between July 1, 1994 to April 30, 2010 have two years by 2022, and more modern pool built between May 1, 2010 to October 31, 2020 have three years to 2023.

The barrier must be inspected every four years and the certification lodged with the council.

Pool Barrier Services can help. Do not leave the compliance too late.

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