What to consider if I make changes to my barrier after I’ve registered my pool or spa?

So, you’ve done your due diligence as a spa or pool owner; you registered your pool or spa, the safety inspection has taken place, and you have received a compliance safety certificate. The Council is satisfied, and you have met the requirements to help keep your family and friends protected. 

But what if you’re considering changes to your pool barrier? Maybe you’re not sure if you need to go through the entire process again? Perhaps you’re wondering, ‘What to consider if I make changes to my barrier after I’ve registered my pool or spa?’

This article will look at key points when making changes to your pool space, pool barrier, and whether you need to re-register and apply for another safety certificate.

Registration and safety inspections

Over time it is normal for pool barriers to require maintenance and repair. This should not result in the need for a revised safety certificate as long as there are no significant changes and the pool barrier still meets current standards. However, if alterations are required, then a building permit may be required.

Renovations, upgrades and relocation

Major landscaping and renovations can result in a pool barrier being changed or replaced. Pool barriers are sometimes upgraded for a more aesthetic look, and making changes to your pool or spa location may result in the current barrier requiring alterations. A building permit will need to be submitted to the Council for all of these cases, demonstrating the specific plans for changes to the pool barrier. The building plans must meet the current standards as outlined in AS 1926.1.

Additional barrier required

Things to consider when you plan on making changes to your pool barrier

poolside safety

Decommissioning a current pool or spa


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