Spa safety requirements

Just like swimming pools, spas have a very specific set of safety requirements. Fencing requirements for pools and spas are the same, so let’s take a look at the spa safety requirements to get your spa ready for use. 

Depth of your spa

Spa safety standards

Spa inspection

To make sure your fence is strong and safe, contact the Pool Barrier Services team and arrange a spa safety Pre-Compliance Consultation. A  consultant will come to you, check your spa fence and run through a checklist of safety items with you to ensure your fence is compliant with safety standards. If there are any improvements to be made the consultant will assist with qualified advice.

OUR GUARANTEE: If we conduct a Pre-Compliance Consultation and the owners take our advice on rectification works we will guarantee that if the Swimming Pool and Spa Inspector  conducts a Compliance Inspection and it fails we will pay for any revisits required to get the barrier compliant. We also GUARANTEE that if we conduct a Pre-Compliance Consultation on a pool or spa constructed between 1950 and 2010 and the barrier system is fully compliant we will refund the Pre-Compliance Consultation fee.

Once the consultant is satisfied the barrier is ready Pool Barrier Services will recommend an independent Swimming Pool and Spa Barrier Inspector. At the end of a successful spa safety inspection, your inspector will issue you a compliance certificate. 

Spa Registration

Once your spa fence is inspected and you have been issued a compliance certificate, it is time to lodge your form 23 Compliance certificate local Council. Be sure to get your registration in within 30 days otherwise it will expire and will require to be reissued again. 

Your registration will have to be renewed every four years, which means having your fence re-inspected every time – this is a great way to ensure that your fence is well maintained and in good working order. 

Give our friendly team a call today and see how we can help you prepare for your spa safety inspection. 


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