How to have a safe and fun kids pool party

You may be considering a pool party for your child’s next party. While you want your pool party to be fun, you also need it to be safe. It’s important to prepare adequately, and that begins with knowing how to have a safe and fun kids pool party. Combine a bit of common sense and a few simple steps to ensure everybody is safe

If you are having a pool party for your child, it is your responsibility to enable the safety of all attendees. You can make it easier on yourself by ensuring that you already know the foundations of keeping your pool safe for kids – this includes making sure that your pool fencing and gate are compliant with safety regulations.

Safety first

Create clear guidelines and boundaries for the children to follow before they can get into the water. Rules may include:

  • Weaker swimmers cannot enter the deep end of the pool even if they have a floatation device such as a pool noodle or kickboard.
  • No running around the pool area. No exceptions.
  • Children must walk around the pool area.
  • Children must tell an adult if somebody is doing something dangerous in the pool or the surrounding space.
    No food or drink in the pool.

Top tips for a fun and safe pool party

  1. Never assume that kids are safe around the pool, even if they have flotation devices such as armbands or rings. Floatation devices can slip off among the excitement of the party.
  2. Check for hazards around your pool area before the party starts. Survey the site and look for sharp edges, slippery surfaces or any potential risks.
  3. Be prepared to get in the water if a toddler or small child falls into deep water.
  4. You should keep safety equipment nearby. Ensure that there is a CPR chart within the pool area in case of an emergency. During a panic, it is easy to forget how to perform CPR, and having a chart nearby to guide you can make a difference.
  5. Prepare games and activities for the children to help keep the pool party fun yet orderly. It makes supervision much easier when the children are altogether involved in an activity.
  6. Hydration and being sun smart is critical during any time in the pool, and a children’s party is no exception. Set up a sun smart and hydration station that children can reapply sunscreen and have a drink of Freshwater. It is a good idea to schedule breaks for children to attend the sun smart and hydration station to ensure they stay on top of their sunscreen and water intake.
  7. Get yourself trained in First Aid, or at least CPR. The training will need to be booked and completed well in advance, and it is a skill that could serve you well.

What to do if your child is attending a pool party

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