Does an inflatable pool need a fence?

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Inflatable pools are a cheap and easy alternative to beat the heat in the warmer weather, but do you need to fence your inflatable pool?
Although inflatable pools are a fantastic easy solution to cool you and your family down, they can still pose a drowning risk to unsupervised children. Keep your family safe by getting all the facts about whether you need a fence around your inflatable pool from the Pool Barrier Services team.

Do I need a fence for our inflatable pool? 

Are inflatable pools included? 

My pool is only temporary, do I still need a fence?

Many families choose to have an inflatable pool for the summer, then pack it away for the winter months. Temporary pools follow the same rules as inbuilt pools, and – as previously mentioned – it fully depends on depth, not the permanency of the structure. 

Even if your pool is only filled for a short period of time, you are still required to have a fully certified fence if the pool contains water deeper than 30cm (300mm). 

Temporary fencing options are available, and you can speak to the team at Pool Barrier Services about your options. You can choose to erect a temporary fence while your pool is erect and filled with water, then remove the fence when the pool is disassembled. 

Remember, if you choose to have a temporary pool, it still needs to be registered with your local council. Your pool will be registered as a temporary pool, so it will need to be registered each time it is installed. Due to this, you will also be required to have your pool fence certified for registration each time it is installed.

Even if your pool is registered as temporary you will still require the barrier to be inspected and certified every 12 months.

Mesh fencing is easily installed and removed, becoming a popular option for temporary pools. These panels consist of a metal frame and a mesh interior, which can be stored easily in cooler months when the pool is not erect. 


If you are unsure about whether you should fence your pool, it is best to speak with an expert. The Pool Barrier Services friendly team are available to answer all your questions, advise you on how to best keep your family safe around your pool, and organise a pre-compliance inspection. 

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