Why is it important to get a pool or spa pre-compliance check before inspectors come through?

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It’s crucial to have your pool or spa pre-compliance inspection before you book the Safety Compliance Inspection. Why? Pool and spa owners can receive fines and additional fees if they fail their pool barrier safety inspection. A pre-compliance inspection can help them know what repairs to make so that they can pass the inspection. A pre-compliance inspection is not compulsory, but it is extremely valuable. 

Have you wondered why it is important to get a pool or spa pre-compliance check before inspectors come through? Over 90% of pool barriers do not pass the first time around, which is why a pre-compliance inspection is the best way to prepare yourself for the official safety compliance inspection.

This article looks at how a pre-compliance inspection could save you from additional fees and possible fines. We also look at some misconceptions about obtaining a safety certificate and the challenges many households face in the current climate.

Common misconceptions about Safety Certificates

#1. My pool is registered with the council, so I don’t need to do anything else.

Registering your pool is not the same as lodging a safety certificate, and it will not stop you from being fined if it fails its safety inspection. 

According to legislation, all pools in Victoria had to be registered with the council by 1st November 2021. However, registering a pool is only the first step. Pool and Spa barriers must pass a Safety Compliance Inspection to obtain a Safety Certificate, but it’s not as easy as some may think.

#2. Obtaining a safety certificate is quick and easy.

The majority of the barriers we assess do not pass their first inspection. A common misconception is that obtaining a safety certificate is a relatively straightforward process. In most cases, the barrier and gate require some work to achieve compliance; sometimes, the work required is substantial and may take longer than the owner expected. Pool and spa owners who choose to skip a pre-compliance inspection and go straight for the Safety Compliance inspection run the high risk of failing—failing a Safety Compliance inspection results in additional fees for re-inspection and the possibility of penalties.

#3. There’s always an inspector available.

For pools built before 1994, the deadline to lodge a safety certificate is 1st November 2021. At the time of this article being written, there are still around 80,000 pool barriers that require a safety certificate to be lodged with their local council. With limited safety inspectors available, it may be challenging to book an inspection. 

Pool Barrier Services offers both pre-compliance and safety compliance inspections.  Why take a chance? Get your pool or spa pre-compliance inspection booked today and be on the safe side. 

The benefits of booking a Pre-Compliance check

A Pre-Compliance inspection is the first step in ensuring you pass your Safety Compliance inspection. Even if you are confident that your pool barrier meets the safety requirements, we still recommend booking in the Pre-Compliance inspection.

During the inspection, we conduct a 12-page assessment to ensure you receive a comprehensive understanding of whether or not your barrier fence is compliant and any work required. In the event that your pool or spa fails to meet safety requirements, we can recommend solutions and show you where you need to do repairs. See our recent catch up with Rent Roll Maximiser as we discuss compliance and key deadlines

Making a move to book a Pre-Compliance check means you will know what you need to improve and how to improve it. So that you can book your Safety Compliance inspection with the confidence that your pool or spa barrier and gate have the best chance of passing.

What can happen if you don’t book a pre-compliance check?

Pre-compliance inspections are not mandatory. Therefore, you do not have to book one. However, if you choose to skip the pre-compliance inspection, the next step is to book a Safety Compliance inspection.

If your barrier fence does not pass the Safety Compliance inspection, the following will take place:

  1. You will not receive a Safety Certificate to lodge with the council.
  2. You will be issued an improvement notice.
  3. The Safety Inspector is obligated to notify your council that your pool barrier is not safety compliant.
  4. You will only be given 7-60 days to action the improvements required to bring your barrier fence up to safety standards.
  5. You will have to book a re-inspection and pay a fee.
  6. If you do not complete the improvements and re-inspection within the timeframe allocated on your improvement notice, you will face penalty fines.

Given that, in our experience, most barriers fail the first inspection, skipping a Pre-Compliance check comes with a high likelihood that you’ll end up having to pay additional fees and possible penalties.

Avoid costly mistakes and book a Pre-Compliance check before the safety inspectors come through.

Key takeaways about pre-compliance checks

  • Pre-Compliance checks are not bound by the Building Act, meaning that the council will not be informed if your barrier does not pass.
  • You will be better informed on the improvements required to bring your barrier up to safety standards.
  • By dramatically increasing your likelihood of passing the Safety Compliance inspection, you can avoid substantial penalty fines and additional fees for re-inspection.

When you book a Pre-Compliance inspection with us, we can connect you with a network of service providers who can help you action repairs and improvements that align with safety standards. So contact us today to book your Pre-Compliance inspection before you miss the deadline.

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